What is EVINT?

EVINT is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for cross-company, individualized process mapping.

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EVINT processes data in seconds and provides all process participants with real-time information. Bookings captured via the iCOM terminals are immediately visible in EVINT, allowing real-time attendance control. Also processes in the access control as well as the recruitment and accounting benefit in their quality from the real-time information from EVINT.

Comprehensive Data protectionData protection is an essential part of the EVINT methodology. Business processes can only be managed responsibly on a secure software platform. EVINT therefore protects all data with 256-bit encryption, thus meeting the highest data protection standards.

Individual integration

EVINT offers variable interfaces to a wide variety of time recording, ERP and billing systems and thus integrates completely into the existing IT infrastructure of companies. In addition, customer-supplier referrals as well as master vendor and on-site scenarios can be fully depicted in EVINT.

Scalable usage

EVINT can be scalably implemented in companies and optimally adapts to the circumstances and wishes. EVINT can be used at all locations worldwide and is company- and industry-independent.

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How it works

EVINT is SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for mapping complex processes across departmental and enterprise boundaries.

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EVINT offers a broad range of modules for the procurement, planning and billing of the entire workforce as well as comprehensive time management with project time recording. The offer is rounded off by supplier control and rating solutions, access control with real-time information and complete compliance management.

Personnel management with EVINT

Complete and comprehensive personnel management includes both own and external personnel.

EVINT provides a uniform administration of all personal data and an overview of all available employees.

Through the integrated applicant management talents can be managed including availabilities and applicant sources. If necessary, an applicant in EVINT becomes a member of staff at the click of a mouse.

The company-wide qualification management also ensures that the right staff can be found for every job.

Personnel and shift planning with EVINT

Complete planning of own and third-party personnel on shifts, projects and cost centers.

This gives a complete overview of all employees in the company.

Capacity planning in EVINT enables the planning of required capacities on a shift, project and qualification basis. EVINT thus enables an optimal use of own and external personnel as well as possibilities of recruitment to eliminate understaffing.

Accounting with EVINT

Bill your own and external staff quickly and efficiently.

The processes in EVINT are designed for the highest data quality and thus create the basis for payroll - for in-house staff in the direction of payroll, for third-party personnel in the direction of invoicing.

In self-payroll accounting, EVINT transfers all salary-relevant data to your billing system via an interface. External staff can be billed using the EVINT credit memo procedure (including the ZUGFeRD format). This will determine your own accounting period and make accounting for HR services obsolete!

Vendor Management with EVINT

Complete solution for integration, control and evaluation of HR service providers.

With EVINT, personnel requirements can be planned, documented and communicated. Processes around recruitment including employee selection are scalable in EVINT.

Throughout the process, all users involved are provided with real-time information. Special vendor management KPIs allow easy assessment of engagement, response time and quality of HR services. At the same time, internal KPIs, such as the personnel requirements for cost centers and the duration of the process can be queried.

Time Management with EVINT

Manage all time bookings of own and foreign personnel with EVINT.

All process participants, from the employee to the department or shift supervisor, as well as the HR department and the suppliers, can be integrated into a scalable approval and acceptance process, thus ensuring the best possible data quality.

In addition, working time, shift and pause definitions can be defined flexibly with EVINT.

Compliance with EVINT

Comprehensive deadline management for the implementation of the AÜG reform 2017.

With the EVINT Compliance Guards legal and operational deadlines can be monitored for the own employees as well as the entire assigned personnel. Thus, EVINT offers the possibility to monitor the deadlines defined in the AÜG reform with regard to equal pay and the maximum leasing period across locations.

The deadline monitoring is based on the working times of the employed temporary workers, takes into account, if required, interruptions in use and informs in good time before the occurrence of a deadline by warning.

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