Manage vendors with EVINT VMS

  • Personnel procurement with processes for selection and orderung
  • transparent communication structures and lean roles
  • Control and rate your vendors on real-time based informations

Vendor Management with EVINT

EVINT Vendor Management enables the structuring and digitization of procurement processes relating to personnel services and workforce management. Flexible order structures allow suppliers to be targeted so that the best possible service can be provided to client companies. Real-time information, transparent status reports and vendor management KPIs provide the necessary structures in the procurement process and allow a factual assessment of suppliers.


Vendor Management rethought

Through the digitization of procurement processes and clear role distribution within customer and supplier companies, EVINT Vendor Management enables the efficient procurement of required manpower.

Efficient & simple

Via EVINT, planned personnel requirements can be communicated directly to integrated service companies. The entire subsequent selection and ordering process is carried out efficiently in one application, while at the same time all process-involved users are provided with news with real-time information.


Data from the procurement processes are automatically collected, evaluated and output in the form of vendor management KPIs. This enables a factual assessment of suppliers on the basis of reaction times, commitment and delivery quality.

EVINT – Vendor Management

Plan personnel requirements


With the EVINT Vendor Management, personnel requirements of companies can be recorded quickly and easily via configurable communication structures. Scalable approval processes allow a cross-departmental and company-wide integration of process participants.

Open capacity and staffing requirements can be efficiently communicated to service providers integrated into the procurement process.


Selection & ordering

EVINT Vendor Management maps the complete selection and ordering process for open personnel requirements. All information about master data, qualifications and operational histories as well as required documents are managed in EVINT and can be used in the selection process if required.

Supervised personnel can be directly involved in subsequent processes such as scheduling and time management.


Control and rate your vendors

The EVINT Vendor Management makes it possible to individualize which service and supplier companies can be integrated into which procurement processes for which departments and locations as well as which type of service. At the same time, it is possible to flexibly define which supplier is eligible for which form of demand fulfillment.

On the basis of evaluated process data, EVINT also calculates vendor management KPIs that allow a factual and accurate assessment of supplier companies with regard to delivery quality and general conditions.

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