Vision and Mission for Interaction

Customers and suppliers/vendors should INTERACT best possible. This INTERACTION is multi-dimensional and Interaction needs Integration - therefor you should ..

  • integrate all interacting units /departments of your own company;
  • integrate all vendors in specific locations / branches at the same time;
  • integrate all processes / all skills / all organisation needs (shifts, costcenters, e. g.);
  • integrate all IT applications to PUSH and CONTINUE information flow
    • ERP, HR applications and IT Systems (time recording, safety, e. g.)
    • necessary IT Systems of all your suppliers / and customers


  • EVINT is a B2B solution for supply chains across companies;
  • EVINT delivers information and data in realtime to all users/systems;
  • EVINT focuses on Personal-, Time- and Vendormanagement;
  • EVINT is best of bread for customers and suppliers equivalent and simultaneously;
  • EVINT is full functional in an End to End method;
  • Planning, Sourcing, Budgeting, Hiring, Staffing, Recommendation, Recording, Communication, Reporting, Accounting/Credit;
  • Workflows for Approvals, Control, e.g.
  • Management of Time, Skills, Capacity, Budgets, Documents, e.g.
  • Effective Interfaces to customer/vendor based ERP-, HR-, BI- und Controlling Systems.

integrated services